Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snow Day!!

We had a great day together as a family staying home!! It was my second snow day, but Henry's first. He was very excited! There was cheese dip, video games, TV and pj's all day!! Henry declared it pajama day at lunchtime. Except for a brief period where we had to get dressed to get out, we were all in our pj's all day!

Having fun with Daddy and Maggie outside in the cold!

Daddy' wrestling with Maggie in the snow! Yes, that's our dog under there!

Maggie is jumping to eat the snow. She loves it!

Soon they started throwing their snowballs at me! Time for me to go inside! Quick!!

My boys (big and little) and Maggie Mae had a wonderful time!! With another snow day tomorrow, there is more fun around the corner!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Ramblings On Time

Lately I've been thinking a lot about time.
It's such a funny thing.
Sometimes it seems to go fast and sometimes it seems to creep along.
Does time really fly when you're having fun?
I have come to understand that I don't understand this thing called...time.

There are days when I wish I could go back to when H was a baby and hold him again.
But there are other days that I can't wait for him to be a grown up.
It seems I am often caught in the middle of...time.
Almost like I watching time go on all around me, but I'm at a stand-still.
Then I look in the mirror. And I see the effects of time on my face and my body.
I feel the effects of time as I get older.

I love this picture because it's exactly how I'm feeling.
I'm in such a period of waiting and watching and listening.

And it's hard.

It's scary because I don't know what's ahead.
But it's so good to trust in God and wait and watch for His hand.

He is in control and I rest in that.

There is such peace in that.

It's not that I don't trust God.
I do, with all my heart.
But I also want to know what He's up to.
I say, "I trust You, God. But tell me where we are going. Tell me what's going to happen."
It's almost as if I can hear him chuckle when I do that.
He shakes His head and says, "Oh, you of little faith. Just trust me."
And that's where I am.
Just trusting.

I know that time is that it is short.
I want to make the most of every moment, be the best I can be because I know that life is short.
I don't want to regret moments in time that I didn't take or missed.
I don't want to hold on to bitterness and resentment.
I want to forgive and show grace.

Think about time.
And do your very best to make the most of your time.