Saturday, January 16, 2010


Thursday morning we were busy getting ready to leave and watching the new and were horrified by the images of the destruction and the helpless victims from the earthquake in Haiti. Henry and Scottie laid on the bed together and watched as I left. Scottie called me a little while later to tell me that Henry had gone into his room, pulled out all of his tools, put on his tool belt and hard hat, and announced that he was ready to go to Haiti to help find survivors and clean up. This picture was taken then. What a sweetheart. I pray each day that God would instill virtues in my son, but seeing compassion come out in an unexpected way really touched me.

I trust we are all praying for the people of Haiti. I know we will hear miraculous stories of rescues and lives touched in the midst of tragedy. God is in the business of miracles, rescues and touching lives, after all. I am planning to take Henry to purchase some items to donate to the people of Haiti so he really can help. If you want to get involved, Victory Church in Springdale has partnered with Operation Compassion and is accepting donations. You can read more here There are also Christian organizations listed where you can donate financially.

I may not be able to do or give much, I can give and do something.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

3 Christmas's

We had a wonderful holiday celebrating with family and friends. Here is a pictorial journey through the festivities.

Christmas #1: Christmas Morning at Our House

Henry wanted a Wii for Christmas and Santa did not disappoint!! We have had lots of fun playing.

I got a new camera that I LOVE. It's just a little Canon Powershot, but it is perfect for me. I had been having trouble with my old camera. I am excited to use my new one!

Our house Christmas morning. It is the first white Christmas I can remember! It was fun, but changed our plans a bit. Which takes us to....

Christmas #2: Christmas Lunch with Grama and Papa Plummer

My parents were set to come to our house for lunch and to check out the new Wii. With the icy roads, they weren't able to make it out of their neighborhood so we took Christmas to them! We loaded up Scottie's truck, put it in 4-wheel drive and headed to Rogers. My mom and I had a great time cooking in the kitchen. We enjoyed spending the afternoon with them and were so glad we got to be with them!

Everyone was busy in the kitchen!

Green bean bundles (I made them and they were delicious!).

Corn casserole (the Jenkins's family recipe - also delicious!)

We feasted on ham, turkey, my mom's fabulous dressing and sweet potato casserole, just to name a few. It was an amazing meal!

We bought Barney a new fleece which has come in really handy the last few days!!

On the way home we saw a mama and baby deer.

The day after Christmas we headed to Little Rock for...

Christmas #3: MeMe and Papaw's house
Scottie's parents opening their new video camera


Henry and most of his cousins. Jeremy was working, but came later.

Scottie with his sister, Paula.

Scottie with his sister, Terri.

Scottie with his sisters.

The Johnson family.

Opening gifts. This year we played a white elephant game instead of purchasing gifts for each other. We each held our gift and sat in a big circle. Scottie's mom read a story and whenever she said the word 'right' we had to pass our gift to the right. Whenever she said 'left' we passed to the left. It was so much fun and so silly. It was a fun alternative to buying things for each other. I really enjoyed it.

The kids did exchange gifts. They drew names. Henry got 2 Wii games.

Scottie read the Christmas story and..

Henry and his cousins acted it out! It was so cute and fun.

Henry was a shepherd.

The Magi bringing their gifts!

We enjoyed spending time with our families so much. After Little Rock, Henry and I headed down to McGehee to visit the Day's. We had a great time letting them spoil us!

I hope everyone is having a happy new year so far!