Saturday, May 4, 2013


I haven't been inspired to blog in a long time.  Obviously.
But with so many changes in our lives in recent months, I thought it might be time for an update.

We moved to Conway in December and I started working at Theodore Jones Elementary teaching K-4th graders music.  I absolutely love it!  Our school has about 77% of the kids on free and reduced lunch.  Many kids have rough home lives and live in poverty.  I remind myself every morning as I watch them walking down the hall to their classrooms that I don't know what they experienced at home before coming to school.  I make a point to hug those who need hugs and give encouragement to all of them.  I love these kids.  Even after only teaching them for 4 months, I love them and feel like God has given me a new ministry through my job at TJES.  Henry goes to school at TJES and we have really enjoyed being able to go to the same school for the first time!  He has made some really good friends there and has fit right in.

Scottie is starting a new church plant with the backing of the Arkansas Baptist Convention called Outdoor Church of Arkansas.  This church will be unconventional and will meet on a weeknight to accommodate outdoorsmen and their schedules.  It will likely meet in a shop at our home.  Scottie is definitely in his element!  He has felt God calling him to this ministry for some time, but we knew last fall that it was time.  Things are still in the beginning phases, but are moving along.

A is with us and everything is still in process.  We are going on 2 years with him in our family.  While the process is slow, we are patiently waiting.  We love him so much and cannot wait to share pictures of our WHOLE family!

We sold our house in Farmington and closed last month.  We have started looking for a house around Conway and are anxious to get settled!  We have been living in a 2 bedroom duplex and are a little cramped, but it has been good for us. 

God has definitely worked out all the details for us to be in central Arkansas.  There are many people we miss in NWAR, but we feel so blessed to be here starting new ministries.  We are also so thankful to be close to Jamie, Rodney and Nick as well as all of Scottie's family.  We haven't lived close to them in over 15 years.

God is good.  I look forward to sharing more and maybe a few pictures soon!
Who knows, maybe I'll blog a little more!

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