Thursday, September 22, 2011

What Can You Do?

I have been thinking a lot this week about foster care and the church.  I have read James 1:27 a bunch of times.  Yesterday I read foster children referred to as "American orphans" and it took my breath.  It is so true.  I just read this post and was brought to tears.  There is so much you can do to help, to bless, to love foster families.  You don't have to become a foster parent to love foster children and support families who care for them.  You can help be Jesus to these precious little ones, too.  So, I ask...what can you do?? 

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Karen L. said...

please tell us...what can we do to serve you as you are fostering? i have no idea of the needs but would LOVE to help! there are several families in farmington that have recently been approved to foster and i'm sure they could all benefit from a little extra help.