Friday, August 21, 2009

Nothin' Says Vacation...Like Tulsa

WOW....I am a bad blogger. I have been playing too much Farkle on Facebook to blog - how sad!! Oh well - better late than never. I promise blogger friends, I will try to do better!! I pledge to make blogging more of priority!!

The week before school started back for me Scottie, Henry and I took a little vacation to Tulsa. We had planned to go to the beach at some point, but we bought a couch and really and truly the summer got away from us. I am realizing that we have to plan it or it just won't happen. Summers are busy. Anyway, we had a great time in Tulsa. I had been there with my mom to shop before, but really hadn't been there to just hang out. I thought it was a perfect trip. Scottie sang our theme song the whole time we were there..."Nothin' Says Vacation...Like Tulsa." Ask him to sing it for you - I am sure he will!!

Before we left, I got on the Tulsa Chamber of Commerce website and found a good deal on our hotel. We stayed at the Hampton Inn at Woodland Hills (right across the street from the mall...woot woot) and took advantage of their Weekend Escape for Family package. We had a nice room with a king sized bed for Scottie and me and a sofa sleeper for Henry. He LOVED it. He thought his bed/couch was magical. With the package, we each got a $5 game card and free game of mini-golf from Incredible Pizza Company (also right by our hotel) and a snack pack which included drinks for all of us, microwave popcorn and candy. It was a great deal!! When we got there we went to Incredible Pizza and played. It was great fun!

The next day we went to the Oklahoma Aquarium. I think I can speak for all of was so cool! Definitely worth seeing.

Scottie and Henry feeding some stingrays.

My favorite part of the Aquarium was the shark tunnel. It was shark week on the Discovery Channel and we watched some of the shows that aired that week from our hotel room. Getting to see them up close was very cool.

Henry and Scottie standing by the World's Largest Fishing Lure. There was a fishing museum in the Aquarium that was also very interesting.

I love how real this picture looks. It's a little disturbing, though.

The last day of our vacation we stopped by the Tulsa Air and Space Museum to check things out. Little did we know it was Oklahoma Defender Days and very crowded. But we got to see some really cool planes.

Henry got to try out being an astronaut!

He also got to experience laying on a bed of nails.

We had a great time even though we didn't go very far from home. Henry's favorite part about it all was the hotel. Every time we went anywhere he asked how long until we went back to our hotel. He loved that they served breakfast in the mornings, the elevator, and he got to be in charge of the room key. It was very exciting to him. We think our next venture may be up to the Embassy Suites in Rogers - just so he can have another experience staying in a hotel!

School has started back and we are very busy. I've been reflecting back over the summer a little's how I spent mine...
...with my favorite 1st grader. First day pics coming soon.


becca said...

that sounds like a fun trip. I'm always wanting to know of nearby things to do since REAL vacations are out of the question :)

Leah said...

that picture of scottie with his head in the alligator is funny. glad you were able to get away!

Cassie said... said...

oh my gosh! go look at the picture of Bran on the side of my blog!

Anonymous said...

I've heard Scottie singing your vacation theme song. He didn't even go to Bass Pro Shop? He must really love you! Glad you got to get away. Hope your week is going well.

Evan said...

I'm surprised Scottie didn't try to sneak a rod into the aquarium